Exfoliate Your Stress Away with Spadet!



These last two weeks I have been crazy busy. I got a new job, got sick, and booked three acting gigs. Needless to say I have been up to my neck in business. That’s why I’m really happy I was trying out more of Spadet’s line. I have really enjoyed adding the products to my regimen. It’s been a huge help with maintaining a lovely exterior on the internet in my countless Instagrams and when I’m on Camera. Feeling good, looking good, and being healthy are all undeniably connected. That’s why all these awesome skin care products came together in sweet harmony these past two weeks. Non toxic, practical, and undeniably efficient I’ve really appreciated their benefits!

spadet bombetteBombettes

What a lovely product. It’s like having a bath bomb for your hands etc. I really enjoyed using it. You just put warm water on your hands and let it exfoliate and fizz. It can be used in more places than just your hands, it’s great for your daily hygiene routine at the sink or in the shower. My hands have definitely been appreciating it’s affects, I didn’t know this but hands can glow. Pretty great and fun product! They can be bought at Spadet for $34.95!


This is definitely an exfoliating facial. And like many facials there is some minor discomfort when used but the results are worth it. I would say if you have super sensitive skin this product may not be for you. If you do, simply use less when using. It comes in a powder form and you apply it to your wet face via your wet hands. Though I felt some minor discomfort using the product, I’ve loved what it has done for my face. My skin has rough patches but using E-Face really smoothed them out and helped with acne. The smell was lovely too! Another groovy product, you can get it for $24.95!

spadet at homeBody Buffer

This fizzy wonder can be added to your bath or used as an exfoliating pumice stone like exfoliant. The Bombetts, E-Face, and Body Buffer all serve similar purposes and I suspect have similar ingredients. They do come in different forms, formulated for their specific purposes and they all do a great job. I very much enjoyed using the body buffer. Since I have no bath tub (tiny apartment living) I used it as a stone. It was fantastic for my back, which I am ashamed to say has had a history of bacne, it has cleared up quite nicely! Pretty darn happy with the results. This one comes in at the lowest price of $3.50. If your on a tight budget this is a great product to get to learn more about the exfoliating line!

Nutrient-Rich Facial Spray

This toner is full of antioxidants, toxin sucking Himalayan salt, and PH balancing witch hazel. It smells delicious and firms up your skin immediately. But beyond that I’ve seen a general improvement in my skin since using it. It’s firmer and healthier. I like putting it on before I put on my make up because there’s a ton of potential harm to be done to our poor pores when putting foreign substances all over them. It has definitely helped! You can get this toner for $12.95.

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