A Solution for Dark Circles from Restless Nights by Expert Jessica Marti

Beauty is in a woman who has an inner soul that resonates through her pores. Her beauty is that of which demands to be seen, loved and appreciated just by her aura, her essence. She Glows. A woman isn’t and should not be measured by the size of her nose, her teeth, how high her cheekbones are or how close or far together her eyes may be.  It is not created or altered by the use of makeup … and certainly not by the dark circles she carries.

We all are familiar with those pesky circles that peer after nights of restless sleep due to work, children or life in general …

SOLUTION: What would be the best concealer?  Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer ($40) is a true concealer that has a pigmented-opacity, truly concealing. It is not dry looking and gives lasting coverage that doesn’t seem to sit into creasy areas. CLICK here for purchase. 

Super fluid, bouncy and thin, the texture melts immediately onto the skin leaving it soft over time. It’s a creamy, opaque concealer that comes in a brush-pen format.  It’s a brush-pen concealers–Yves Saint Laurent has the more widely known version. The YSL version, is too sheer for my taste.

Comes in eight perfect shades:

 Jessica Marti on WtD

Elena Perminova, BurberryOfficial Blurb:

Undetectable lightweight film for a superior comfort

Unique innovative silicone elastomer for a bouncy formula that perfectly glides for an improved blendability.

Burberry Sheer Concealer can be used as a corrector to cover blemishes and redness in a traditional way: use the brush directly on the skin and then gently blend with your finger.
 Burberry Sheer Concealer can be used to eradicate dark circles underneath the eyes and even small blue veins: tap lightly with a lighter color than your foundation on the application area. 

Do not hesitate to use it on fine lines and wrinkles close to the eyes too.
 The concealer can be used as a highlighter: from the top of the cheekbone under the eye, to the nose, then down to the middle of the cheek to catch light.


Effortlessly illuminates the face for natural glowing skin
  • Helps smooth and maintain skin’s hydration levels
  • Covers imperfections without drying out
  • Long-lasting wear with superior comfort. 
Guarantees continuous hydration for the skin.
  • Wild rose provides moisturizing benefits.

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