Play it Out at Lingerie Fashion Week SS15; Exclusive Interview with Designers & Models

Attending Lingerie FW 2014 was amazing! So many talented designers & inspiring styles! Here I am spotlighting Play Out Apparel.

Play Out designers & partners Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardeux are one cool duo! Sitting backstage with them while sharing the pumpkin ale and gummy bears they offered whilst chatting about their underwear was a merriment of an examination of boxers, briefs, breeches, panties, pantaloons, or whatever you may choose to call you under clothing. I was personally stirred in my seat by the influences behind Play Out’s cool, comfortable, fun, active style. Sylvie Lardeux is a neuroscientist by trade (can we just say…impressive?) and her partner in urban underwear apparel,  Abby Sugar is a personal trainer as well as designer. These ladies know the science of an active lifestyle and what that calls for….lingeriely (yes I made that word up;-) speaking.

 All photos by Gustavo Villar.


Designed for all people, all ages, all genders Play Out Underwear is comfortable, cooly sexy, and easy to wear who ever you are and wherever you may be. Play Out, is designed for both men and women. In fact, women can comfortably wear the mens designs. Have you ladies ever been in that situation where you wake up at your boyfriends house in the morning, you hadn’t planned on staying over and now you have nothing to wear? While borrowing your boyfriends boxers is cute, it’s not always practical. Well, fear no more ladies, b/c if your man has Play Out draws in his drawers you can just take a pair of his and you won’t have that annoying extra fabric or bunch that often comes with ladies wearing gents undies. Even though the mens cut has an open front fly and the women’s cut is closed in from, it just still works when she wears his. His & hers matching undies!


As show on the runway at Lingerie Fashion Week 2014 by super model Rain Dove the Play Out mens designs are comfortable and hip hugging for a woman. They actually can form to your woman’s body. This amazing concept and design is backed by Sylvie Lardeux’s neuroscience back ground. She uses that brilliant science brain of hers to create and design underwear that can do what virtually no other underwear has been able to successfully do before…cross genders…be comfortable worn by every body.  When asking the runway shows opener and closer how she was able to rock the runway in Play Out the way she did she responded with playful articulation


[Play Out] is about the person who’s wearing it, feeling, comfortable, confident, & fun. It’s sexy and sex doesn’t have to be this serious thing … it can just be fun.
– Super model, Rain Dove Dubilewski


Wow Rain Dove, I gotta say she totally rocks the words when describing Play Out’s playful, unashamed, comfortable, cool vibe.


Watching Play Out’s show start off with two hot skater girls come blasting out from behind the white wall with the Lingerie Fashion week logo glowing defiantly set the tone for Play Out’s wearable, active, daring, playful tone. Play Out partnered with All Girl Skate Jam, created by Patty Segovia-Krauseto  for one memorable start to their lingerie show. Celine and Jenn Soto came blasting out onto the runway doing flips & sweet tricks on their skateboards all while look sexy and free in their Play Out underwear, paired of course on top with A.G.S.J. shirts & hats.


As a model who quite often models lingerie brands, I noticed the designs stayed in place no matter what tricks or jumps or flips the skater girls were doing. I also noticed the unique color scheme and detail of the graphic design. The underwear graphics, inspired by street graffiti art, one thinks of walking down the NYC streets, wearing your favorite pair of Play Outs underneath your jeans, your Play Out waist band logo popping above your jeans, noticing another cool urban city dweller sporting their Play Out band above their denim and giving a wink & a nod to another player.


I for one, am excited to recieve my 1st pair of Play Out’s from Ms. Abby Sugar and give them a go around town. Who knows, I may even gift my special someone with some Play Out’s this holiday season…just so I can snatch a pair from the drawer in the morning 😉
lovingly yours,
                         Mary Va’de Bon Coeur


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