Tips and Tricks: Surviving Traffic Hell

From the beginning of time, no I’m kidding, from the beginning of transportation use traffic has always existed. And until we get the hover cars, here are a few of my favorite ways to get through the congestion. #winning!

Favorite Few Ways to get through terrible traffic

  1. Learn a new language. Surprisingly enough there’s tons of other humans that don’t speak the language you do, use this time as an opportunity to learn something new and integrate yourself into the world even more.
  2. Get your “Traffic Jamz” on! Sing outloud where no one can judge you or your taste. This is the perfect opportunity to get your freak on without the scrutiny of others.
  3. Have a car meditation retreat. Remember this is a moment in time not a life time commitment to the road. The traffic will clear and you will arrive where ever it is you are traversing to!Happy driving, let’s not go crazy!


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