Save A Puppy With Your Selfie #lastday

Update: As of Sunday Nov. 9th, 2014 the sweet dog has been ADOPTED by a loving family with kids and a big back yard!!!!! 


rain dove and puppyGender-bending supermodel Rain Dove is organizing a group of youth to take one dog from death row at a NYC animal shelter and give it the best last day of its life on Sunday November 9, 2014. From a 5 star last meal made by a Michelin chef to a spa treatment to a ride in a mustang. This powerful woman and friends will be providing the best life has to offer to an innocent animal on their final day to be alive (as according to the animal shelters timescale). They will be doing this to raise awareness about the dire need for spaying/neutering, ending puppy mills, and adopting a pet.

They will be using the hashtag #lastday with photos of the dogs final adventures to get the community involved and perhaps find a home for the animal before its death hour at the end of the day. The final 24 hours of the animals life will be beautiful, sad, inspiring, and controversial. Rain Dove is inviting all members of the community and press to cover this. This will occur on November 9th. For further inquiries please contact me here! 

Join the movement on Facebook  SAVE A PUPPY WITH YOUR SELFIE! #lastday

rain dove and puppies


Help us help another by tagging a SELFIE or photo with #lastday . We will be pulling a dog from Animal Control during the final 24 hours of its life. That’s right on NOV.9th one animal will get a chance to be seen and saved by YOU.

Rather than it spending it’s final day unseen and unloved in a crowded shelter kennel, we will be taking this hopeful cuteness out to have the “Best Last Day of its Life”. Bath time, five star last meal, free running space…. Ad tons of hugs and snuggles.

We will be posting photos of these events in real time with the hashtag #lastday so people can see the beauty, the joy, and e possibilities that can come from adopting this dog.

With your help either on site loving up this puppy or through social media- sharing a photo of the dog with the #lastday can save its life! With enough social media engagement and reach it will hopefully inspire that one special person to rescue this pet from the ticking clock that has been put on its life by human kind itself.

So help us rescue a cute dog in dire need of a home! Hashtag #lastday and share photos or join us on November 9th and get your hands on the love!

-Rain Dove Dubilewski

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