Holiday Health and Beauty: Tips and Tricks

It’s that wondrous time of year where families gather and people bundle inside to hide from the oncoming cold. The Starks got one thing right, winter is coming. Our winters may not bring white walkers (ok enough GOT references) but they do bring coughs, colds, and flus. None of these sound remotely attractive to me and I’m sure they don’t sound like much fun to you either. It’s also a time of year that brings you back to your home towns to your families and who knows maybe you’ll bump into your high school crush and maybe this time he’ll notice you because you are looking oh so fly and oh so healthy! As they say the best offense is a good defense, defend your health and beauty this winter!

1. ACCESORIZE like the fierce bitch that you are. I’m talking fabulous scarves, hats, coats, sweaters, and boots. This is a time to bundle your trunk with some junk worthy of the funky queen bee that you are. When your body is properly insulated from the cold it has time to fight off sickness. Our bodies have to prioritize and keeping warm is pretty high on the list. The easier we make it for the body to run itself the better. If we keep ourselves warm our body can focus even more efforts on the epic battle against colds and flus. This is a great excuse to bring your fashion statements to the next level, watch out sidewalk you are now my runway!

2. Drink all the WATER. Hydration is amazing. Much like a good flushing, water acts as a carrier for your body. It helps get all the nastiness out of your body. Take advantage of your access to clean drinking water and help free yourself from illness and dry unhappy skin. The great thing about water is that your body craves it because it knows that it is an integral part of staying healthy. In the colder months try and drink warmer water drinks as you, again, want to keep your body more focused of fighting illness than warming up your insides. Liquid mana to the rescue.

sleep time, disney3. SLEEP, this is not my strongest but it’s the best. Having healthy sleep patterns and allowing your body the time to recuperate is super important for staying healthy. It helps with your metabolism, your overall looks, and of course stopping the sickness. Our bodies are not designed to go hard 24/7, as nice as it would be it is physically impossible. We need to rest and recuperate. Not only are our physical existences enhanced by proper rest but our mental state is improved also! How else will we face the holiday season with the appropriate amount of joy. Rest up beauties!

Stay healthy and Vibrant!

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  1. super simple and superb advice! Vit. D helps too. ….love my winter scarfs…. add wrist warmers and ankle warmers… hmmmmm winter is great!

    1. Love the leg and wrist warmers! Always wonderful! I also adore muffs of both the ear and hand variety… Not to mention all the boots! I agree, vit d is amazing for combating all sorts of things, depression inc! Thanks so much for the lovely comment and happy bundling!

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