The Demiurge Awards with Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz with models wearing her original designs

Kate Stoltz with models wearing her original designs

The premier Demiurge Award was presented to TLC’s Kate Stoltz for her outstanding work in television, modeling, and fashion design by The Skinny NYC in collaboration with TDR TelevisionStar Gifts, and What The Doost.

What a night, filled with glamour, love, and lots of inspiring people. Special guests included Tracy Balan from Lifetime Girlfriends Intervention, Designer Henry Picado, and model Mercedes Edison.

The Demiurge Awards is recognizing Kate Stoltz of TLC’s hit reality show: Breaking Amish. Kate has quickly shifted from demure to demiurgic. Relocating from a small town in Pennsylvania to the Big City. Kate has made her reality TV stardom more than worth it by adding to her catalog a thriving modeling career, currently a member of the model management powerhouse Major Model, and most recently unzipping her artistry in fashion design.


Her collection is breathtaking! Kate has a great vision for fashion combining the chic confident style with comfort, and on top of that she doesn’t make any excuses for not having enough time to do it all, she even created my outfit the day of! The models looked radiant!

The Demiurge Awards, WtD

Kenya Thomas aka The Skinny NYC explains it all on her site: 

Demiurge [dem•ee•urj]: one that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power

The word Demiurge originates from the latinized Greek word “demiourgos” meaning craftsman or artisan. Gradually the word evolved to indicate a creator. The Demiurge Award pays special attention to the skillfully adapted; who create, produce and bring business to NYC through innovation.

Behind the scenes we had fun with lots of style!

The inspiration of the Demiurge Award is to honor individuals in the creative field. Yes! That means fashion creators, musicians, actors, models, writers, producers, etc. in pursuit of magic. The award acknowledges that you are following your dreams and while doing so, creating a path for many more who are able to follow. So in honor of that we want to say ‘Hey, we notice you, appreciate you, and are inspired by You!’

We are accepting nominations for the next award, so if you know someone who is deserving you can nominate them at

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