Deva Nitins with SpaDet on WtDI’ve been having a crazy crazy month. My saving grace has been rest and proper skin care routines! I love all things natural, the less toxins the better, and SpaDet provides that. It’s been such a pleasure trying out their products because boy do they work. Their quality and effectiveness is crazy awesome, so I’ll be doing my final review of some of their “most excellent” Products today!

1. MASTER MIX- Here’s the idea, pack all the goodness you can in a little bottle and put that bomb diggity goodness on your face. This product helped me with my stress pimples and cleaning them up without leaving any scars. It was made for erasing fine wrinkle lines, which at this point aren’t to big of an issue for me. I will say, my skin has had a faster healing time and looks pretty darn glowy! LOVE this stuff. A steal for $45.95

2.FOAMING CASTILE SOAP- SO foamy, so good. Seriously in love. It smells great, it foams great, and it works great. I love that I can put it on my face and it doesn’t strip away my skin. I use it in the shower, I use it at my sink, and I need a second bottle to travel with. The gentle foamy soap creates a perfect level of clean. It’s my new favorite makeup remover/all the things soap does. In deep and passionate love with this one! A miraculous price of $12.95 (I am for sure gifting this one, this year).

3. PUCKER READY- Packed with essential oils my lips are not only tasty, shiny, but also healthy. It’s pretty dry here in LA and this awesome protective layer looks great, tastes great and makes me wish I had someone to kiss! You can get it for the low price of $10.95

4. BOMBETTE APPLICATOR BOTTLE- Thank goodness for this little goody. Its care for sensitive skin is great when using products like the bombettes. It comes in at $5.95.

This has been an enlightening journey into the world of effective natural alternative skin care regimens. I now have a love affair with Spadet! Classic here to be directed to the site.

Happy healthy skin all!

*product provided by SPAdet, opinions are my own*

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