How to Look Your Best This Season: Make-Up Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are finally among us. Where are you going? Heading to a holiday party? A dinner with the in-laws? The first time meeting boyfriends’ family? This is a great time to try something new with a flair of adventure.

***Note: Give yourself extra time, no one needs stress wrinkles 😉

Knowing what to do to play up your look for any occasion is key. Be on top of your game for any social setting, day to night with these expert tips.

Heading to an early dinner:

Use soft browns on the eyes. Bronze and browns give the eye enough dimension without looking too dramatic. Press the shadow along the bottom lash line from corner to corner, (mild liner appearing). Finish off with mascara.

Heading to an evening dinner:

Use blues, grays, dark greens and even burgundy. Line top and bottom lash lines with a brown glimmer pencil, smudging between lashes. Take pencil and drag against lower waterline. Apply mascara top and bottom lashes (at least two coats).

A good lip for any occasion:

Go for a bright matte or a pinky nude!! A good matte keeps your look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. A glossy lip can be overpowering and will need constant re-application. But if you want a more festive look at night, then apply gloss over your matte lips.

Want to join in on the red trend, but not sure what your best shade is?

Intense Brick Red: The pigment is strong and gives off an edgier feel. If you love the look and want to make it day-time friendly, use your ring finder and dab on to create a more stained look.

True Crimson Red: This red is blue based and works on every skin tone. You can wear it day and night.

Red Orange: Reds with an orange based undertone are beautiful on sallow undertones. It warms the green undertones in olive skin. Light eyeliner needed, one coat of mascara and a bare face keeps this look classic. This would be nicely paired with sheer foundation or BB cream.

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