Holiday Greetings & Crafts: How To Make It Memorable

SnowmanIt’s the season of celebration. It’s also a great time to refresh your connection with your family, friends, and colleagues. Whether you want Aunt Ruth to know you love her or your high school friend to know you still think of him or your favorite client to know you’re on the ball, going out of your way a little bit will make all the difference. Make your message of love and cheer count. Get personal, get creating, and get creative.

  • DIY Holiday CardsIf your message is going the distance let it travel the distance. Write a letter, it’s refreshing and personal in comparison to the bills and flyers your loved ones will be receiving all year round. Don’t let the art of letter writing die and whip out your skills this time of year. Far more personal than an email and far more refreshing than a pre-written card. Here’s a great how-to link!
  • Make some soaps or cookies or craft for the people in your community. Put on some sweet caroling jams, drink some wine, and craft away. You’ll be able to make fun little gifts for everyone in your life. The care and dedication you put in will surely show and create a stronger bond with those in your life. Here’s a link for DIY Holiday Craft – Mason Jar Snowglobes.
  • Have some fun. Get goofy and make personalized videos for friends and family. By taking a little extra time out of your day, you will be able to create a very personal experience for your loved ones. Even better, go nuts and make your own music video. Get goofy, get silly, and whip your cell phone out for  a bit of Holiday creativity. Spread the love and cheer.

It’s that time of year and you are here so make it count.

Happy Holidays 

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