My Favorite On-Demand Beauty App Bella

In New York City, it seems like on-demand beauty apps are sprouting up left and right. I love the concept of on-demand beauty — what girl wouldn’t want to be pampered at the drop of a hat in the comfort of her own home? But for me, there’s one app that stands out among the rest.

Bella launched just last month, and they’re quickly establishing themselves as the premiere luxury beauty app. I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers to attend Bella’s fabulous launch party in Manhattan where I met Amy E.D’Agostino, Bella’s founder.


Getting pampered at the Bella launch party last month in Manhattan.

After talking with Amy as well as having my own Bella experience, I’ve come up with three major differences that sets Bella apart:

1) Bella is a luxury on-demand service. The prices are higher than its competitors, but that’s because Bella guarantees a high level of excellence. Amy explained to me that the screening process for Bella stylists and make-up artists is very strict because she wants each professional to represent the Bella brand (she even meets each of the Bella professionals in person to test their artistry before hiring them as independent contractors).

2) Bella has a feature where you can create and update your own personal profile. This means that Bella can coordinate you with a professional who’s got the right style for you.


3) Every single person I’ve met through Bella genuinely loves their job. Amy has curated an amazing group of people — and it’s clear that they love not only making people look good, but also feel really great about themselves.

Last week, Bella sent a hair + make-up artist to my little Brooklyn apartment where I was totally spoiled and glammed up. Bella has this amazing option to book a “celebrity package,” a service where clients can book a celebrity stylist. I’m absolutely obsessed with this! I love that you can get such an exclusive VIP treatment.

Amy was generous enough to coordinate a photographer for me — Tutti del Monte — who was beyond fabulous. We shot outside in a park on my block in Williamsburg.

So without further ado, check out the photos from the first half of my set:











For more information on Bella, visit
To download the free app, search for “Bella on demand” in the app store.

And of course, a major thanks to:
Bella for providing my hair & make-up
My wonderful photographer, Tutti del Monte
And to Nu New York for providing my wardrobe + styling by Anarosa Trotta

This post is a series of three. Stay tuned for the next!

Kelley Louise is a travel + lifestyle blogger and model.
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