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How to Stay Active While Being Effortlessly Chic!

A wonderful way to trim figures is to stay active. My biggest suggestion is to WALK! Park your car a little farther away. Take the stairs. Keep your booty moving because every stride counts and I’m not talking about the gum. So you’ve got your forward motion going, how do you keep your look glowing? […]

Holiday Greetings & Crafts: How To Make It Memorable

It’s the season of celebration. It’s also a great time to refresh your connection with your family, friends, and colleagues. Whether you want Aunt Ruth to know you love her or your high school friend to know you still think of him or your favorite client to know you’re on the ball, going out of […]

Eat A Lot and Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving!

This is the season of Pumpkin spice lattes/pies/whatever!! And that means my dress size is in danger of moving up a size. To preemptively combat this hanus crime against my closet I’ve decided to challenge myself. You should join because the more the merrier and after all this is the season of merriment! These are my […]


I’ve been having a crazy crazy month. My saving grace has been rest and proper skin care routines! I love all things natural, the less toxins the better, and SpaDet provides that. It’s been such a pleasure trying out their products because boy do they work. Their quality and effectiveness is crazy awesome, so I’ll […]

Holiday Health and Beauty: Tips and Tricks

It’s that wondrous time of year where families gather and people bundle inside to hide from the oncoming cold. The Starks got one thing right, winter is coming. Our winters may not bring white walkers (ok enough GOT references) but they do bring coughs, colds, and flus. None of these sound remotely attractive to me and […]

Tips and Tricks: Surviving Traffic Hell

From the beginning of time, no I’m kidding, from the beginning of transportation use traffic has always existed. And until we get the hover cars, here are a few of my favorite ways to get through the congestion. #winning! Favorite Few Ways to get through terrible traffic Learn a new language. Surprisingly enough there’s tons […]

Make Your Early Mornings AWESOME!

Hey Doosters! We all have to do it sometimes, wake up at the crack of dawn or even before then! I have of late, been waking up between 3:30 and 6am. This means I’ve had to figure out how to have an awesome morning. We’ve only got this one life to live so we might […]

Exfoliate Your Stress Away with Spadet!

    These last two weeks I have been crazy busy. I got a new job, got sick, and booked three acting gigs. Needless to say I have been up to my neck in business. That’s why I’m really happy I was trying out more of Spadet’s line. I have really enjoyed adding the products […]

Make it a Spa-Day Everyday with SPAdet!

This week I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reviewing some of SPAdet’s line. SPAdet (spa-day) is a line of 100% natural beauty products for your home, so you can have a “SPAdet” everyday! I am a firm believer in using products that are ethically sourced, chemical free, and wonderful to use. SPAdet fits the bill […]

Favorite Few Ways to Gain Allies

Favorite Few Ways of Gaining Allies Navigating the world is easier if you have an army of people on your side. So how do you obtain these allies. These are my favorite few ways to get people rooting for team you. 1.  Be kind. People will respect you if you respect them. From the guy […]

Favorite Few Creative Forums

  I have a few go to websites when I want to share my creative expressions with people. I know there’s tons but there are definitely a few that I adore. I adore them because they stand for creativity, discussion, thought, and collaboration. The benchmark of a civilization is art, and we are creating a […]

Favorite Few Cures For Hangovers

I get drunk, you get drunk. I think it’s fair to say most people of legal drinking age, get drunk! The real concern is, what do you do when it’s the next day and your body hates you and your head wants to quit and is staging a protest!  So here’s my favorite few cures […]

Favorite Few Beauty Tips

  I love being beautiful and I know I sometimes forget how to. That’s why I came up with this weeks list (on a day I felt beautiful). These are my favorite ‘Few Beauty Tips’ 1. Take care of your skin. It’s your largest organ and should be treated with respect. Avoid putting harsh chemicals […]

Favorite Few Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast. I love having breakfast. There’s nothing like starting a day off on the right foot. And that can be done with a healthy fresh breakfast that is made with little effort and that is why these few things are my favorite few breakfast things. Join me as we enter the culinary wonder […]

How to Flirt: Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite pastimes is flirting. It’s like play time for adults. My approach to flirting has a lot to do with how I carry myself, specifically in my body. So I wanted to share with all of you, how I share with the ones I flirt with! How to Flirt: Tips and Tricks […]

Why We Love Hipsters: a Few Favorites

  People love to hate but I love to love. So this week I’m showing some love to a group of people that get as much love as they do hate. Hipsters. I think many of us have at least a little hipster in us wearing way to tight jeans listening to a July Talk […]

A Few Ways to Deal With Loss

  Robin Williams’ death has brought on an onslaught of feelings about all the people I have lost in my life and how I have coped with the loss of all these people. Whether it be death, relationships ending, or someone moving we lose people all the time. It can be very painful but there […]

Favorite Few Challenges

  The internet hosts some really fun movements! One of my favorite phenomenoms to come out of the wild web are positive challenges, whether it be singing a song or helping another person. Challenging yourself and your community creates positive change!   I came up with a list of my favorite challenges! 1. Go for […]

Favorite Few Ways to Look Great in a Photo

Let’s be vain here for a second, let’s talk about looking good in photos. I know we all end up in front of a camera sometimes. I personally think it’s a lot more fun when you look good when it does occur. I am going to be frank, I indulge in selfies more often than […]

Favorite Few Weightloss Hacks

My fitness freak continues. I am on the weight loss train and it is gaining steam. I have been finding out all the tricks to weight loss and general health. So far I’ve learned: Change your thinking, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t be either. Stick it out, what’s a […]

Favorite Few Ways to Get Fit

I recently neglected my physical health and in doing so limited my enjoyment of life. So I made the resolve to get back to my former “fit self.” This takes a lot of work for anyone. Usually when something takes a considerable amount of work, being inspired to do it can be hard. So I […]

Favorite Few Kids Books For Adults

It’s my birthday today! Yay, for escaping the birth canal! I have been in a retrospective state, considering the many things that shape a person and I realized that many of those things are books and the ideas they provide. Here’s an obligatory embarrassing childhood photo… Surprisingly similar to the modern me! On revisiting the books […]

Favorite Few Ways to Revitalize Your Wardrobe on a Budget

How do you reconcile your wallet with your wishes. I know from first hand experience that it can be hard. That’s why I figured out a few ways to revitalize your old stock so it looks and feels like a brand new bunch! Favourite pair of shoes gotten old? Go to your local shoe repair […]

Favorite Few Ways to Have the Best Summer

❤ It’s summer time. The sun is starting to shine and now it’s time to make this the BEST SUMMER EVER! Hold up. That’s way to much pressure. You can’t make anything do anything. From my experience the more you force something the worse it gets, much like tires stuck in the mud. So how […]

Favorite Few First Date Ideas

Dating, it’s a scene. As a woman on the mingle I have to ask myself, how do I get to know the person I’m with while having a good time. So many people (including myself) have an ideal of who they wish to be but it’s not always in line with who they actually are. […]

Favorite Few Ways to Procrastinate

I know we all do it, we procrastinate. It’s holding off on doing our taxes till last minute, it’s finishing a paper the night before it’s due, it’s buying a present on the way to the party, and it’s never practical.   I don’t think the internet has helped with humanity’s affliction of procrastination. There […]

Favorite Few Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

Hey Doosters! This week my mother came in to visit from out of town and it got me thinking. How can you make someone feel special and I came up with a few (or four ways)! • You can write them a hand written letter and send it by post. • You can make something […]

Favorite Few Ways to Feel Sexy

Deva Does What the Doost here! This week I’d like to discuss my favorite few ways to feel sexy. I know everybody wants to feel sexy sometimes and it all comes down to confidence. Love your body, take care in your look, and most importantly appreciate who you are. You are more than a body, […]

Favorite Few Ways to Have Free Fun with Friends

Hello to all! I don’t know about you but sometimes when the cash is strapped it’s hard to think of something fun to do. So I made a list of my favorite activities that are free! Start off by having an evening in with diy facemasks and a film that you can snuggle up to! Then get […]

Favorite Few Ways to Turn a Day Around by Deva

Not every day is what you expect it to be. Life throws curve balls and you have to keep on doing what needs to be done. This week I want to share with all of you, my favorite few ways to turn a day around. Check out & subscribe to my youTube channel HERE for more fun!

Deva Does What The Doost, A Match Made in Heaven!

Hello to all the wonderful “What the Doost” readers, I’d love to introduce myself! I’m Deva Nitins and I have come to share with you my Favorite Few. I am a vlogger, actress, and student of life. I am here to share with all of you my favorite ways to live a happier and more succesful […]