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A Note on Fragility and Hope

Do you ever have a picture that stands out in your memory so vividly, it’s like you can see it in front of you even when it’s not there? Usually, when I travel and take photos — no matter how many — there’s a small handful that stand out in my memory before I even […]

My Favorite On-Demand Beauty App Bella

In New York City, it seems like on-demand beauty apps are sprouting up left and right. I love the concept of on-demand beauty — what girl wouldn’t want to be pampered at the drop of a hat in the comfort of her own home? But for me, there’s one app that stands out among the […]

Suubi Means Hope || A short on my month-long trip to Uganda

It’s been almost exactly a year since I returned from my month-long trip to Uganda. I’ve been going through the photos I took — you can expect to see many of them soon. My trip to Uganda was such an amazing experience, but more and more, I feel like the greatest experience has happened since […]

The City of Angels { Photoshoot }

On my last trip to LA, I had an impromptu photo shoot with the very talented Gil Riego and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out. We shot in and around the Arts District as well as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and wrapped with lunch at Umami Burger (which is, oh my gosh […]

DIY Halloween Costume Idea || Zombie Wound Tutorial

To all my my procrastinators, budget-friendly recessionistas and/or Pinterest-savvy DIYers that still need to get a costume for Halloween, I’ve got you covered with this zombie make-up tutorial. Fake wounds are easy to create and customize, and the best part about being a zombie is that you probably have most of the supplies you need […]

Why I Only Took a Dozen Photos at Burning Man

As many of you may know, I spent most of my August and September traveling. My October so far has consisted of readjusting to my NYC-life, so I apologize for my Burning Man posts not being as timely as I would’ve preferred. But I finally got around to uploading my photos to my computer, so […]

A Lesson in Perfection

Have you ever showed up to work and had someone ask you to do something that totally isn’t your style, only to have it turn out to be something you’re really proud of? I did hair for NYC-based photographer Lotus Josephine last week and he showed me a single inspiration photo for his shoot — one […]

My Own Private Beach || Isla Icacos in Puerto Rico

As many of you know, I was in Puerto Rico for a quick trip over the summer (read the story on it here). My video on one of my favorite beaches in the world never made it onto my blog, so if the fall weather has you craving some sunshine, check it out below: If […]

A Carrie Bradshaw sort of day || Manhattan with Alvin Caban Photography

Just about every time I have a girlfriend book her tickets to come visit me in NYC, there’s {pretty, much always} a minor freakout that goes something along the lines of: “OMG, We’re going to be just like Carrie Bradshaw!!” as I just sit there and smile. I’m definitely a combat-boots-and-tshirt, bar-hopping, Brooklyn-brand, friends-with-guys sorta […]

A Ghosttown Photoshoot at the Salton Sea, California

When I first mentioned the Salton Sea to my friend Sinem and photographer Sinem Yazici, her eyes widened and she grabbed my hand. “We have to shoot there,” she announced. At the time, I encouraged the idea but never thought it would become a reality. But a year and a half later, I found myself […]

How To Plan a Quick Getaway To Puerto Rico

Last Wednesday was my fiance Devin’s birthday and, when I took him out to dinner that evening, I surprised him with roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico! I gave him 24 hours to pack and we left very, very early on Friday morning. We stayed in Fajardo, which is about a 45 minute drive east of the airport […]

My New Favorite Brooklyn Shop

Smallhome is probably my favorite new Williamsburg shop — and that says a lot, since I live here. There are homemade and vintage items packed into every corner of the small store… From unique cards to intricate lighting for your apartment, smallhome pretty much has every adorable detail you need for your home. The best part […]

Tips For Long, Healthy Hair

People think that they have to lay off color services or hot tools to have healthy hair. Guess what? You don’t. I promise that if you follow these tips for long, healthy hair, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your hair’s integrity. I am a blow drying, hot-tool-using color addict, and my hair is perfectly healthy. I’ve gone through phases […]

Meet Julia Small, owner of smallhome || Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Smallhome is a new vintage and small-batch Williamsburg shop that opened just a few months ago. It’s in my neighborhood, so of course I had to check it out. I wandered in originally because of this beautiful trunk that was sitting just outside of the shop. I started talking to the woman at the front desk — who […]

The Best DIY Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair

The warm weather is officially here, which means two things for your hair: sun and highlights! I love a good sun-kissed glow — the only drawback is the damage it brings to your hair. Never fear, I have the best DIY hair treatment (no matter what your hair type): Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment Since my […]

An Afternoon in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Ever since I was a kid, Costa Rica has always been on my dream list of countries to visit. Last year when I graduated, I took a somewhat impromptu trip to the country to celebrate earning my bachelor’s. I went to three areas of the country: urban Alajuela, mountainous Monteverde and Puerto Jimenez — near Corcovado […]

Brooklyn Sunsets by Kelley Louise

In my mind, April has always been the month where good weather seems guaranteed in NYC. Unfortunately, this year’s never-ending winter has proven me wrong and I’m definitely still hanging onto my SoCal roots and naive view of the weather. Fortunately (despite last week’s snow), I think spring is finally here and let  me just say: It’s […]

A Glimpse into a Nicaraguan Home by Kelley Louise

It’s not all the time that I get to sit down and tell someone the story behind a photograph; usually I post all my photos in a group post or album and it’s only if someone asks that I get to talk about the photo. But so many of my photos have stories behind them […]

Pousada Fun in Cumbuco, Brazil by Kelley Louise

I just got back from my two-week trip to Brazil and my schedule’s been pretty non-stop so I haven’t had many updates… but I did want to share this quick video I put together using some footage from Cumbuco, a little beach town near Fortaleza. My group of 16 rented out a pousada, which is […]

Packing Essentials + Tips by Kelley Louise

As a female traveler, I have two main goals when packing my suitcase: 1) bring as many things (okay, it’s usually outfits) as I need to feel adequately prepared and 2) pack as lightly as possible so I can actually lift my suitcase and not rely on my male travel partners for any help. These […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Trying New Thai Food at Pok Pok || Brooklyn, NY

Pok Pok is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in my home turf, Brooklyn. It’s somewhat of a trek from the nearest subway stop, but it’s definitely worth the hike. The menu can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so I’ve made a video for you to make the most of your experience! My personal recommendations: Definitely […]

Adventure Food: Sangkhaya Thurian at Pok Pok || Brooklyn, NY

I recently ate dinner at the Brooklyn location of Pok Pok, one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) Thai restaurants. I’ll have a new video for you guys soon, but for now, I couldn’t resist sharing this dessert: This is called Sangkhaya Thurian and it tastes something like a semi-sweet rice pudding/custard. Here’s the thing: […]

Dominica Challenge!

So this morning, I woke up to a bleak view of a cold gray city covered with dirty snow outside of my apartment and a forecast that only shines as a  graphic. I love you, NYC, but this whole never-ending winter thing is cramping my style. Which is why it’s a really good thing that I was […]

New Favorite: Recessionista Friendly Make-Up Remover

There are some beauty essentials that every girl needs, and make-up remover is definitely one of them. I bet most of you ladies are nodding along when I take a wild guess and say you use this product: I love love love this make-up remover, but seriously, let’s be real here. IT COSTS WAY TOO […]

Williamsburg’s Sweet Chick

It’s no secret that NYC is home to some amazing restaurants, but often, picking which one to go to can be a daunting task. As a local Brooklynite, Sweet Chick has my stamp of approval and is definitely worth checking out. Sweet Chick is an amazing southern comfort food restaurant in cozy, hipster-friendly Williamsburg. Known […]