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A Note on Fragility and Hope

Do you ever have a picture that stands out in your memory so vividly, it’s like you can see it in front of you even when it’s not there? Usually, when I travel and take photos — no matter how many — there’s a small handful that stand out in my memory before I even […]

Eat A Lot and Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving!

This is the season of Pumpkin spice lattes/pies/whatever!! And that means my dress size is in danger of moving up a size. To preemptively combat this hanus crime against my closet I’ve decided to challenge myself. You should join because the more the merrier and after all this is the season of merriment! These are my […]

Suubi Means Hope || A short on my month-long trip to Uganda

It’s been almost exactly a year since I returned from my month-long trip to Uganda. I’ve been going through the photos I took — you can expect to see many of them soon. My trip to Uganda was such an amazing experience, but more and more, I feel like the greatest experience has happened since […]

The City of Angels { Photoshoot }

On my last trip to LA, I had an impromptu photo shoot with the very talented Gil Riego and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out. We shot in and around the Arts District as well as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and wrapped with lunch at Umami Burger (which is, oh my gosh […]

Tips and Tricks: Surviving Traffic Hell

From the beginning of time, no I’m kidding, from the beginning of transportation use traffic has always existed. And until we get the hover cars, here are a few of my favorite ways to get through the congestion. #winning! Favorite Few Ways to get through terrible traffic Learn a new language. Surprisingly enough there’s tons […]

Why I Only Took a Dozen Photos at Burning Man

As many of you may know, I spent most of my August and September traveling. My October so far has consisted of readjusting to my NYC-life, so I apologize for my Burning Man posts not being as timely as I would’ve preferred. But I finally got around to uploading my photos to my computer, so […]

My Own Private Beach || Isla Icacos in Puerto Rico

As many of you know, I was in Puerto Rico for a quick trip over the summer (read the story on it here). My video on one of my favorite beaches in the world never made it onto my blog, so if the fall weather has you craving some sunshine, check it out below: If […]

A Carrie Bradshaw sort of day || Manhattan with Alvin Caban Photography

Just about every time I have a girlfriend book her tickets to come visit me in NYC, there’s {pretty, much always} a minor freakout that goes something along the lines of: “OMG, We’re going to be just like Carrie Bradshaw!!” as I just sit there and smile. I’m definitely a combat-boots-and-tshirt, bar-hopping, Brooklyn-brand, friends-with-guys sorta […]

Take A Trip To Kuwait & Shimmer Like Juana Grant

Being A Trendsetter Goes Way Further Than Setting Fashion Trends. It Means You Must think Outside of The Box! And Taking A Trip To Kuwait Is Definitely Outside Of The Box! Only 1 hour and 30 min flight from Dubai, Kuwait is another principal city if U.A.E. The Arab Country in Western Asia Welcomed Us With […]

A Ghosttown Photoshoot at the Salton Sea, California

When I first mentioned the Salton Sea to my friend Sinem and photographer Sinem Yazici, her eyes widened and she grabbed my hand. “We have to shoot there,” she announced. At the time, I encouraged the idea but never thought it would become a reality. But a year and a half later, I found myself […]

The Real Story Behind Central Park Horse Conditions by Rain Dove Dubilewski

WARNING! The blog you are about to read is on a VERY controversial issue. The views that I am expressing are MY own personal views. My PERSONAL opinion is neither right nor wrong. It is simply how I see this issue based on MY experiences. It is subject to change over time and with new information. […]

Juana Grant Takes Us Through The Magic Of Dubai

My Trip to the United Arab Emirates, Also Known As The U.A.E! 6 Movies, 2 Naps & 3 Meals Later We Landed! Yes, 11 Hours and 30 Minute Flight Direct to Dubai! Talk About Patience!  Sharing This Experience With My 3 Girlfriends Will Forever Be Memorable! We Were Ready To Take On Dubai! Before Our […]

Favorite Few Cures For Hangovers

I get drunk, you get drunk. I think it’s fair to say most people of legal drinking age, get drunk! The real concern is, what do you do when it’s the next day and your body hates you and your head wants to quit and is staging a protest!  So here’s my favorite few cures […]

Favorite Few Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast. I love having breakfast. There’s nothing like starting a day off on the right foot. And that can be done with a healthy fresh breakfast that is made with little effort and that is why these few things are my favorite few breakfast things. Join me as we enter the culinary wonder […]

An Enchanted Dinner en Blanc

  New York is a magical place because you can just walk down the street and run into a glorious white party.  Last night as I was going for a late night run, I stumbled upon Le Dinner en Blanc in Rockefeller park in Lower Manhattan. It was like a scene from an enchanted Parisian evening. […]

@UPFORADVENTURESS with Photographer Stan Evans

forget what you know about motorcycles not every ride is off into the sunset the testosterone vibe mated with wrenching on bikes is lost here she is intent on exploring the dark places tapping into the sensuality of New York and the rhythmic pace of the city holding tight to the idea that some of […]

Bonding is The Perfect Ingredient To Any Successful Vacation

Feliz Agosto Doosters! ( Happy August Doosters)   We are finally into the month of August, which means that is the last month of freedom for any student who is in school. I, for one, like any other college student is excited to enter another year of studying and countless of papers to work on. […]

Summer Adventures in Central Park NYC

Central Park is a huge part of New York and its people. It’s a strong symbol of season changes and when the sun comes out so do its locals. I, along with Emily, and photographer Will Keown spend the day capturing the joys of the east coast community basking in the glistening sun, laughing with friends and […]

Did Someone Say “Beach?”

  Hola Doosters ❤ Writing this piece is probably going to be one of my favorites, especially since I am writing to you from the Dominican Republic. I recently just left on vacation a couple of days ago with my father to visit where he grew up in the countryside of Mamey Los Hidalgos. On Sunday, […]

How To Plan a Quick Getaway To Puerto Rico

Last Wednesday was my fiance Devin’s birthday and, when I took him out to dinner that evening, I surprised him with roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico! I gave him 24 hours to pack and we left very, very early on Friday morning. We stayed in Fajardo, which is about a 45 minute drive east of the airport […]

My New Favorite Brooklyn Shop

Smallhome is probably my favorite new Williamsburg shop — and that says a lot, since I live here. There are homemade and vintage items packed into every corner of the small store… From unique cards to intricate lighting for your apartment, smallhome pretty much has every adorable detail you need for your home. The best part […]

The Doost’s Guide to Las Vegas

The Doost takes on Vegas … I was raised a Cali girl (now living in NYC) and Vegas was only a few hours away from me by car. The temptation had me coming back several times a year. I’ve stayed at many great hotels and walked what seems like every square foot of that bright light circus […]


hey doosts, A here!  so as always, i’ve been spending countless hours contemplating about what to share with all you betches next (and if you’ve been following my insta like you’re suppose to be!)…you would all know that I’m constantly making new recipes before i can write about them) and then it literally hit me […]

Meet Julia Small, owner of smallhome || Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Smallhome is a new vintage and small-batch Williamsburg shop that opened just a few months ago. It’s in my neighborhood, so of course I had to check it out. I wandered in originally because of this beautiful trunk that was sitting just outside of the shop. I started talking to the woman at the front desk — who […]

Best Dressed at The Belmont!

  What a day! To my surprise, The Belmont is an all day event that included 13 races this year with the famed Belmont Stakes as the main event. The day was blessed with perfect 80 degree and sunny weather with a gentle breeze allowing the crowd to dress up and below you will find […]

An Afternoon in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Ever since I was a kid, Costa Rica has always been on my dream list of countries to visit. Last year when I graduated, I took a somewhat impromptu trip to the country to celebrate earning my bachelor’s. I went to three areas of the country: urban Alajuela, mountainous Monteverde and Puerto Jimenez — near Corcovado […]

BEET Burgers Even Your Carnivorous Friends Will Love

hey doosts, it’s A here! as we reminisce about our memorial day weekend freedom, i thought to myself…and maybe out loud to the cat once or twice…”what better way to welcome the new work week than to rub my awesome weekend chock full of BBQ-ing in your faces?!”  so you’re probably all asking yourselves how […]

Get a Taste of Bermuda with the Juana Brick Road

Bermuda ! Some May Have Only Heard Of This Country In Relation To The Bermuda Triangle. My Experience With Bermuda Is Beyond Imaginable & Fun. In Fact, To Prove It I’ve Been There 3 Times This Year! Known As The Sister Country To America. Bermuda Is Literally Less Than 2 Hours Away From NYC! It Is […]

My Emotional Tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

It was an honor to be invited to the first tour on the opening day of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. It’s hard to describe the emotions running through me as I walk through the halls and connect with so many lost artifacts that now stand so strong amongst the grounds they were once destroyed on. I […]

FOODorexia: exposed…again by A

    hey blogosphere, A here!  so for any of you who don’t know…which is probably all of you…i had a very short, passionate love affair with the blog world about a year ago.  typical of most all nyc relationships, it abruptly and painfully ended leaving me totally heartbroken and yearning for more (insert matt mc emoji […]

Happy Cinco De Mayo! The Daily Doost

 Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a celebration of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America. –Joe Baca Here are some surprising facts I bet you didn’t know about today’s celebration, by Susmita Baral from Latin Times, who writes: 1. It is not the Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is mistaken […]

6 Magical Disney Inspired Places that Really Do Exist

The world of Disney and fairy tales were a big part of my childhood. Can you relate? I learned so many valuable life lessons from the movies created under Disney’s roof. Beauty & the Beast taught me not to judge a book (or person) by its cover. The Jungle Book taught me about friendship and […]

Brooklyn Sunsets by Kelley Louise

In my mind, April has always been the month where good weather seems guaranteed in NYC. Unfortunately, this year’s never-ending winter has proven me wrong and I’m definitely still hanging onto my SoCal roots and naive view of the weather. Fortunately (despite last week’s snow), I think spring is finally here and let  me just say: It’s […]

Top 5 Coachella 2014 Moments You Can Watch Online!

COACHELLA 2014 is here! it happened! & Now we’re getting ready for the 2nd weekend!! I’ve been following the West Coast with much love from the East, I miss home and all the wonderful people. Here’s a recap of my 5  favorite moments I cought up with online: 1. When Solange surprised us with Beyonce! Yes, […]

A Glimpse into a Nicaraguan Home by Kelley Louise

It’s not all the time that I get to sit down and tell someone the story behind a photograph; usually I post all my photos in a group post or album and it’s only if someone asks that I get to talk about the photo. But so many of my photos have stories behind them […]

NYC in Spring: South Street Sea Port!

I recently moved to the Financial District and it’s so amazing! It feels like the real New York, you know, the kind you see in the movies. When people first arrived to the states, the ports were their first stop. The city grew from the South side to the North until the island was packed. That […]

Passport Holders: Accessory Essentials for The Juana Brick Road

If You Love To Travel Like Me, Then You Will Always Want To Find Cute, Quirky Travel Accessories. Personally, I’ve Been Using My Passport More Frequently As I’ve Been Out Of The Country A Number Of Times This Year! A Friend Mentioned the Idea Of Passport Holders And I Thought… Genius! So I Picked One […]

Pousada Fun in Cumbuco, Brazil by Kelley Louise

I just got back from my two-week trip to Brazil and my schedule’s been pretty non-stop so I haven’t had many updates… but I did want to share this quick video I put together using some footage from Cumbuco, a little beach town near Fortaleza. My group of 16 rented out a pousada, which is […]

Packing Essentials + Tips by Kelley Louise

As a female traveler, I have two main goals when packing my suitcase: 1) bring as many things (okay, it’s usually outfits) as I need to feel adequately prepared and 2) pack as lightly as possible so I can actually lift my suitcase and not rely on my male travel partners for any help. These […]

Empire State Building View Pictorial 60th Floor 3.31.14

An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, ‘so far so good!’  -unknown

Spring 2014 Central Park Pictorial

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg Let’s talk Spring!! I’m super excited for changing up my closet and playing with fun, light colors.  When the weather gets warm, I love to walk around New York City and one of the most beautiful places in New […]

Follow The Juana Brick Road

Greetings Doost readers! I’m Juana! Welcome to my world where you can experience traveling like you’re right next to me! Here’s the short version….. I’m Young, Adventurous, & I Have a Big Appetite For Life! Follow The Juana Brick Road & Let Me Lead The Way. Jamaica! The Land of One Love, Reggae & Culture! […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Trying New Thai Food at Pok Pok || Brooklyn, NY

Pok Pok is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in my home turf, Brooklyn. It’s somewhat of a trek from the nearest subway stop, but it’s definitely worth the hike. The menu can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so I’ve made a video for you to make the most of your experience! My personal recommendations: Definitely […]

Adventure Food: Sangkhaya Thurian at Pok Pok || Brooklyn, NY

I recently ate dinner at the Brooklyn location of Pok Pok, one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) Thai restaurants. I’ll have a new video for you guys soon, but for now, I couldn’t resist sharing this dessert: This is called Sangkhaya Thurian and it tastes something like a semi-sweet rice pudding/custard. Here’s the thing: […]

Lunchtime Facials at The Red Door Spa in Union Square

The Red Door spa in Union Square provides NYC paced beauty for your convenience! I’m talking to you girl-on-the-go! Get a lunchtime facial!  In 30 minutes, you can get a speed service facial, complimentary makeup retouch, and be on your way. During my lunch break I visited their youngest location in Union Square for a […]

Dominica Challenge!

So this morning, I woke up to a bleak view of a cold gray city covered with dirty snow outside of my apartment and a forecast that only shines as a  graphic. I love you, NYC, but this whole never-ending winter thing is cramping my style. Which is why it’s a really good thing that I was […]

Williamsburg’s Sweet Chick

It’s no secret that NYC is home to some amazing restaurants, but often, picking which one to go to can be a daunting task. As a local Brooklynite, Sweet Chick has my stamp of approval and is definitely worth checking out. Sweet Chick is an amazing southern comfort food restaurant in cozy, hipster-friendly Williamsburg. Known […]

The Doost’s Guide to Visiting Washington DC

The National Mall is not your typical shopping venture. This one is filled with history, art, and a good time. Washington DC is a wonderful experience and for those of you traveling soon make sure to check out some of the artistic locals favorite sights. Thanks to Farah Alimi, Aaron Scales from BroCoLoco, and the […]

This is Why You Should Travel ☮

Hello World!☮ This weekend I’m writing to you from Washington D.C. & loving it! With fashion week around the corner I figure it’s a good time to mix up some of the content on the site and get back to recommendations on food & travel. To travel is inspiring and I wouldn’t recognize myself if […]

The Capitol Doost in Washington DC

Welcome to DC! A town John F. Kennedy knew well and described as …a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. DC is rooted with history representing our country. My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington. -Barack Obama The test of our progress is not whether we […]